Edward Howkins, Jul 4 2020

Introducing: The Watch Collectors Club

Introducing: The Watch Collectors Club

We invite you to join our community, a club that educates people and helps them navigate their way around the world of watches. 

This blog will start the journey for you, educating you on many different aspects of the world of watches, starting with the very basics. We hope you enjoy it, and if you do, please spread the word.

We are really excited to meet you. If you have a moment, please follow us on Instagram (link at bottom of blog), or join our mailing list. 

Ed & Hamish, Co-Founders

The Club

The online platform will be broad, easy to understand, and useful to members who want to learn in an informal and interactive environment. It will cover watches, watchmakers, watch brands, and the history of the industry. There will be a lively forum, and many useful services presented via partners to members, to meet their needs as watch collectors.

When people feel comfortable, we will restart our events. Members can come see some interesting watches, and meet other members to share and learn. Each event includes a short talk on an area of interest in the watch industry. 

We understand the concerns around the Coronavirus and will take all possible precautions, including choosing our venues very carefully, as we have always done.

Our Values

  • Members come first
  • Event quality will not be compromised, regardless of the partners, location or attendees
  • Education and sociability are the core of the club
  • Every member can access the same resources
  • Partners will meet our values

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Make the watch world simple

Make the watch world simple