Edward Howkins, Jul 5 2020

What to Look for When Buying a Watch

What to Look for When Buying a Watch

Buying a watch is a deeply personal experience. Whether it is your first watch, or your hundredth, it will make you feel something.

It’s easy(ish) to find an expert online to tell you “what’s the best dive watch under $10k”, or “the watch that is going to be the next Nautilus”.

We believe there are no “best” watches, only watches.

What we care about is equipping you with the tools to assess what you are looking for, so that each time you buy a watch you get the most value for money.

There are only two types of watch: a person’s only watch or part of a collection.

This blog will focus on things to consider when buying your only watch.

Is this definitely going to be your only watch, or do you have another hiding in the closet or drawer?

Activities – what activities you will wear your watch for. Then ask yourself:

  • Functionality – does your watch need to do anything other than tell the time? Would a calendar function, or a second time zone be useful?
  • Do you want it to be mechanical, or powered by a battery?
  • Being submerged in water? – if yes, the watch needs to be water-proof (not water resistant)
  • Working out? – Some watches don’t like being shaken and bashed around; some are better at taking a beating than others
  • Work – what do you do for a living? If you work in an office, does your watch need to fit under the cuff of a shirt? If you work with your hands, does your watch need to be robust, and resistant to scratches?
  • Night-time – do you wear a watch when you get dressed up? What is your look?
  • Longevity – if this is going to be the only watch you buy, consider a classic design that won’t go out of fashion in a year

Cost – how much are you going to spend on your watch? You need to feel comfortable wearing something of that cost on your wrist all of the time

Some tips

  • Consider buying a watch that looks good on a metal strap and different colour leather straps. Changing the strap can make a watch look and feel totally different, and can be very easy to do at home
  • Consider buying a vintage watch – your money will stretch further, case sizes are a bit smaller (more comfortable), and the designs are already classics
  • Consider buying two watches – one for sports and adventures, and one for everything else
  • Try on watches above and under budget

Here at The Watch Collectors Club, we believe that there is no such thing as the perfect watch. So long as you consider some of the points above, you will quickly learn how to find the right watch for you. 

The most important piece of advice we can give you is to take your time. Searching for your watch, whether it is the next one, or the only watch in your collection, is great fun. Take your time, and remember that we are here to help. 

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