A Black and White Engraving of showing a watch factory as it looked in 1888, a long four story building with two towers and a large chimney belching smoke.
A Short History of How Watches are Made

Jan 20 · 4 min read

We explore the early histroy of watch manufacturing.

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World-Timers: 24 Time-Zones, One Watch

Jan 6 · 3 min read

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Why does a watch need Shock Protection?

Dec 16 · 3 min read

We explore what shock protection means for your watch

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Four dark metal magnets on a table covered in various screws attracted to them by the magnetism
What makes a watch Anti-Magnetic?

Dec 2 · 3 min read

We explore how magetism affects and watch and how watchmakers prevent it.

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Steel Breitling Duograph split seconds chrongoraph with blue hands and two subdials with white dial and black strap.
Breitling Chronographs - a short History

Nov 18 · 4 min read

We explore a few of the historic Breitling chronographs and their modern reissues.

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More Articles
Large black and white banner from WatchPro Salon 2021

We explain what happens at a watch show and how to enjoy it

Small rectangular wristwatch on a wrist with silver and white dial and black hands and numerals on a black strap

A Short history of Women's Watches

Black and Grey Omega Seamaster Professional No Time to Die James bond Edition

We explore the benefits of Titanium for watch cases and bracelets

Make the watch world simple

Make the watch world simple